Testimonials from some of those who have experienced how Claire Kearney’s therapies have helped people and animals:

Remote Energetic Therapy and Testing:

Before contacting Claire, I was plagued with tension headaches and chronic, low-level anxiety, both of which elevated during menstruation. Since my remote energy healing session, my headaches have reduced dramatically, and my coping abilities are much improved. I cannot recommend Claire enough for anyone going through a difficult patch – emotionally and physically.

Tension Headaches and Anxiety, SM, Kerry
I recently went to Claire for help. I had been experiencing aches, pains and soreness throughout my body which there was not any reason for. I am 35 years old and sometimes I felt like an 80 year old. These periods of soreness could last for 2-3 months at a time. I had tried conventional ways of relieving the soreness but with no luck.
Claire explained to me what the treatment involved. I was a little sceptical but I said I’d give it a go. I was not in the same place as Claire when the session was being conducted. I was listening to a relaxing guided meditation which she had given me. One second I was wide awake and the next I remember waking up out of a deep sleep. Claire contacted me a minute later. She had just “disconnected” from me she said and that’s probably why I woke up then. I felt very tired. She gave me the reasons why I am sore and told me how I could relieve the soreness. I was still a little sceptical but tried them anyway over the next few days.
It is a month later now and I have found myself to be relieved of nearly all pain. Even pain free I could say. I definitely think the treatment Claire gave me is a big reason for this. I would recommend anybody who has issues which they can’t seem to solve to contact Claire and give her a chance to see if she can resolve them.
Physical Pain from Depression, 35yr old Man
Working with Claire has been a very positive and relaxing experience for me. I had been suffering with pain throughout my body for months and episodes of severe abdominal pain.  I had been in and out of doctors and A&E trying to get answers and help.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting any closer to receiving a solution and that’s when Claire offered to help. She was able to give me answers and guidance within a few hours which I had been seeking for months.
The sessions themselves are so relaxing as all I had to do was lay down and listen to a meditation audio from the comfort of my home while Claire did the Remote Energetic Therapy from her home.  Sometimes during the sessions I had strange sensations of darts of pain which I then felt leaving my body to be replaced by an amazing deep sense of peace and calm.
With a few sessions, some slight changes to my diet, a few natural remedies/supplements and simple things I could do at home each day I was feeling better within weeks and have not encountered any problems since.
Chronic Pain

I contacted Claire for help with my diet as I knew some foods disagreed with me but felt there were others too and I really wanted to find out what was safe for me to eat. I hadn’t felt right for the past month and wondered was it because I was getting old though I’m only in my 50s.

I was very surprised when she told me I had contracted COVID19 3-4 weeks before. She said it was affecting my left lung, causing discomfort between my shoulders, in my ribs and upper back, shortness of breath and reduced ability to exercise as well as fatigue, muscle aches, a rash and digestive upset. I had all of those symptoms but hadn’t told Claire about them! I had been unsteady on my feet and even found myself staggering too. I was struggling to keep up with a friend while walking.

I lay down listening to a guided meditation as Claire had suggested during the Remote Energetic Therapy but got up to go for a walk before she had even finished…. I had no more breathlessness, walked at my ease and felt energised!

She also recommended a supplement I tested as needing to boost my immune system and general recovery and I feel very good since.

Post COVID-19 lingering symptoms

Claire Kearney is a gentle, caring person who is genuinely interested in helping people.

Since I began sessions with Claire, (all virtual due to Covid 19 restrictions), she has tested and advised me on what foods are good for me to eat, but more importantly on what foods to avoid! For many years, I have had problems regarding food and weight, and have spent a lot of time and money trying to find what foods I am intolerant of etc. but Claire opened up a whole new world for me.  I now know for sure she correctly identified the foods that cause me to feel bloated, tired and have heart palpitations because whenever I try them again the symptoms come back!

I had also suffered continued severe inflammation in my leg following cellulitis after an insect bite but I didn’t succeed very well in dealing with it despite trying a number of options.  This is now much better and continues to improve. I feel like lots of toxins are gradually leaving my body gently.

I had forgotten to mention to Claire that I was also getting frequent ear aches. After one remote session when she “tuned in to my energy“ from a distance she told me she had worked on several bone misalignments in my back, face, skull and inner ear. She was surprised as I hadn’t told her that I had fallen flat on my face and the back of my head when I collapsed several times many years before! Since then I’ve had no problem with my ear or neck discomfort when lying down as I’d had before.

Claire has a holistic view regarding your health. I love this approach. She takes into account your lifestyle, mindset, emotions etc., clears energy blockages that occur due to stressful events in the past and identifies natural remedies you need as well as simple things you can do at home to help improve every aspect of your health.

People are commenting on how well I look, I’ve lost weight and my skin is noticeably improved. Better still I have more energy, better concentration and I feel great. I got the encouragement and guidance I needed to adopt a healthier lifestyle and I’m determined not to go back to my old ways.

I have no hesitation in recommending Claire. She is a truly professional lady with a huge enthusiasm for her work.

Weight loss, inflammation, food intolerances, aches and pains.
Claire is a really nice person and a wonderful listener. It is unusual to find someone who really listens to what you are saying. I spoke with Claire at a time when I really needed to speak about loss and she really helped. She was patient and kind.
As a complementary therapy Claire completed remote energy healing for me. I felt so much better after the therapy. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who needs some extra support at a difficult time.
Our dog, who had previously been an energetic, loving family pet became withdrawn and no longer showed interest in play or interaction after a veterinary procedure.
We couldn’t understand what could be wrong as, otherwise, he seemed to have recovered well.
We were amazed that when you “tuned into him”, even though you weren’t here with him, you found distressing emotions he had experienced had stayed with him. Exactly at the time you said you cleared those emotions he went back to his normal happy self, full of energy and affection again!
It really seemed unbelievable and we can’t get our heads around how you could possibly have done it but we are so grateful. Thank you Claire!
A very sad dog, A happy owner

Biomagnetism and Photon Therapy:

“After suffering with lyme disease for at least forty years… since going to Claire for BioMagnetic and Photon therapy…  getting her advice on supplements, help and encouragement with improving my diet and suggestions on other ways to help myself…. over the last six months I have noticed a vast improvement…. My body temperature has gone up, no cap in bed, my excessive sweating, including cold sweats are not a problem now.  I am no longer in pain. I can do a full day’s work without collapsing in the chair with fatigue.  I have energy to read a newspaper and drive long journeys.”

Lyme Disease, Michael, North Clare

“I was having problems seeing the board in college.  I had recently had my sight checked by an optician and was told I did not need glasses.  Claire detected an infection during the BioMagnetic scan, treated it with a pair of magnets and my vision was perfect again!”

Vision Problems, A third level student, Cork

“I was in excruciating pain with Posterior Tibial Tendonitus. The first time I had Photon Therapy with Claire, while holding the device to my wrists and ears I was surprised to feel tingling in my sore foot! Afterwards it felt flexible and less painful for the first time in ages.  After the second treatment I felt very significant pain relief and it has continued improving with each subsequent treatment.”

Posterior Tibial Tendonitus, Mary, Cork

“My daughter’s cough that dragged on for months and we couldn’t get rid of even after two courses of antibiotics and several cough bottles was better the day after the BioMagnetic treatment and gone a few days later! It was like a miracle! Her back and stomach muscles were aching from coughing so it was a huge relief to finally see the end of it.”

Persistent Cough, Teresa, Co. Cork

“Numerous conventional and althernative treatments had failed to bring lasting success. A BioMagnetic scan identified the underlying cause as a bacterial infection which reduces elasticity of the bladder. Treatment with BioMagnetic Pair and Photon Therapy completely resolved the problem”.

Bedwetting since childhood – Primary Nocturnal Enuresis, Male - 24 years old

A difficult birth had caused a teenager to have one leg over an inch shorter than the other.  This affected her gait and posture.  After two sessions of BioMagnetism both legs were the same length and other improvements in health were also gained.

Imbalance in leg length since birth, A teenager

A 2nd level student having problems with concentration, learning and memory was experiencing frustration, anxiety and low self esteem.  Imbalances related to infections, emotions and specific learning difficulties were identified and the necessary pairs of magnets placed to restore balance.  Nutritional supplements to support brain function were also recommended.  The result was a dramatic improvement, within two weeks, in learning ability along with a corresponding lift in mood.

Learning difficulties, A 2nd level student

“Difficulty with driving on motorways due to visual disturbance with rapid movement towards reflectors and signs on dividing barrier or wall. Light sensitivity detected by magnetic scan and, following BioMagnetic Pair and Photon therapy client was amazed that the problem had resolved when she had an unplanned and unavoidable journey on a motorway”.

Visual Disturbance, A young woman

 BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology therapy:

I attended Claire for a session of Biomagnetic Neuropsychology in February 2018. She was warm and welcoming from the start and showed me to her beautiful therapy room and waiting room overlooking the river beside her garden. She was very understanding and listened attentively to my reasons for seeking treatment. I’m amazed at the results from just one session. I was experiencing anxiety which was described as almost PTSD like following a very long period of illness, and connected to this, felt a bar in my moving forward with life now that I was physically recovered. Since the therapy, I have been dealing with stress much better and haven’t had any bad periods of anxiety. I could see that I was moving forward, just slowly, and have embraced this and seen great progress in the past few months. I am much kinder to myself and am dealing with life much more easily. Interestingly, as this was not a reason for seeking treatment, I have noticed that my attitude to alcohol has changed completely; I used to rely on moderate alcohol consumption to give me enough energy to cope with social engagements but don’t feel like consuming more than the odd glass of wine with meals since undergoing BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology. This may be useful to know for those struggling with bad relationships with alcohol. Additionally, my right leg which had been presenting as constantly shortened; a phenomenon which was attributed to trauma by a psychologist, has been in balance with my left leg since my treatment. I am amazed at the improvements that just one session of BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology with Claire has led to and would recommend her completely!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, M.W., Dublin

“Claire was treating me for pain and I was getting great relief from Photon Therapy. One day she asked if I was feeling upset or bothered about something as, when she had tested energetically she had found that I did not need the Photon Therapy that day, but the BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology instead. I was very surprised as I had not spoken about it but was actually exhausted from negative thoughts churning around in my mind making my head weigh a tonne. I agreed to try the therapy she suggested and felt completely unburdened after it. The issues which came up  were exactly the ones I needed to deal with! I was amazed that  it clarified for me how the way I was repeatedly viewing two issues in my life was causing me a lot of unhappiness but I had felt completely powerless to stop it. Suddenly after the session I could see them for what they were – nothing but a waste of time and energy and I was able to let them go, these impediments which were holding me back from the change of attitude I needed to move forward. It was the shift in consciousness I so desperately needed and it greatly relieved my physical pain too!”

Mental Strain & Exhaustion, Mary, Co. Cork

“I was under a lot of stress at work, sleeping very badly and rapidly becoming burnt out. After the first session I began to sleep through the night for the first time in several months and felt more confident and able to deal with all the challenges again.”

Stress & Sleep problems, A middle aged business man

“After the treatment and chat with Claire I could see everything more clearly and felt more assertive and better able to cope with all the problems life was throwing at me. The change in how I viewed situations and relationships changed how I dealt with them for the better.”

Overwhelmed by constant challenge of dealing with everybody’s problems, A working Mum

“After just one session I could hardly believe that the anxiety that had plagued me in social situations all my life was gone. I was no longer stressed by things like heavy traffic or parking problems and I felt content at Christmas, a time of year when I would previously feel down. Some time later when I felt anxiety resurfacing I simply viewed the symbols and read the notes Claire had sent me after the session and found myself becoming calm again.”

Anxiety & Depression, Michael, Co. Clare