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My name is Claire Kearney and my passion is helping people find the natural solutions they need to attain and maintain full health and well being.

I provide pioneering therapies that correct imbalances and conflicts in the body and mind to help restore health, happiness, strength, energy and zest for life…Read more

Remote Energetic Healing

Energy Healing facilitates and enhances your body’s natural ability to heal on every level. It can identify and correct physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances that are holding you back in any area of your life. A state of balance is created which results in ideal conditions for your body to heal itself so you can live life to your full potential… Read more 



claire kearneyBioMagnetism (BioMagnetic Pair Therapy)

Identifies and deals with the root cause of many problems, such as;

  • Chronic illness (involving symptoms which last 3 months or more)

  • Pain

  • Fatigue

  • Stress, Anxiety & Low Mood

…Read more

Biomagnetic NeuropsychologyBioMagnetic NeuroPsychology

This is a ground-breaking technique which Claire is thrilled to be making available in Ireland.

It is a simple and effective way to help restore emotional and psychological balance and even physical well being…Read more

BİONİC 880 machinePhoton Therapy

Without light no life is possible. We all know the positive effect of sunlight on our well being. Modern bio-physics has proven that every cell in our body contains light.

If cells are injured or in any way defective the intensity of the stored light begins to fade.

Providing these cells light in the form of photons, the smallest particles of light, helps them to regenerate and restore health…Read more

PRM – Physiological Regulating Medicine

Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) is an innovative, safe and effective approach to health, developed by an Italian company, GUNA, over 15 years ago. The research has been on-going ever since, contributing to the body of clinical proof of efficacy and unparalleled quality control.

PRM is based on the latest research and development in Molecular Biology and Medical Science and is inspired by some of the principles of Classic Homeopathy and Homo toxicology… Read more

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