PRM – Physiological Regulating Medicine

Human Centered Medicine in Harmony with Nature

Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) is an innovative, safe and effective approach to health, developed by an Italian company, GUNA, over 15 years ago. The research has been on-going ever since, contributing to the body of clinical proof of efficacy and unparalleled quality control.

PRM is based on the latest research and development in Molecular Biology and Medical Science and is inspired by some of the principles of Classic Homeopathy and Homo toxicology.

PRM sees a healthy person as a unity of mind, body and spirit, where the Psycho – Neuro- Endocrine- Immune- (PNEI) systems network exists in a Homeostatic Balance. Any disease, according to PRM, is a result of an imbalance between these four important parts.

PRM restores physiology through communicating molecules such as hormones, neuropeptides, interleukins, and growth factors prepared in physiological (i.e. extremely low) concentrations. These concentrations are called physiological because they are the concentrations in which communicating molecules are present in our body.

PRM include GUNA’s products: Low Dose Medicines and Nutraceuticals (Food Supplements).   These formulations are designed to stimulate PNEI internal regulating mechanisms, making it possible to achieve and maintain a more harmonious state of health and vitality.

The word GUNA itself is a Sanskrit term meaning “the life energy of all living beings.”

There are a number of steps in restoring health,  that PRM focuses on:

*Drainage and Detoxification
*P.N.E.I. (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune systems) Re-Balancing
*Cell Metabolic Support
*Cell Nutritional Support
*Symptom Control

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