BioMagnetism (BioMagnetic Pair Therapy)

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BioMagnetism (BioMagnetic Pair Therapy) identifies and treats the root cause of many problems, such as; chronic illness (involving symptoms which last 3 months or more), pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety & low mood.

Discovered by Mexican Dr. Isaac Goiz and developed over the last 30 years, it has had a very positive impact on health care since it was brought to the English speaking world.

When we get out of balance pathogens can seize the opportunity to establish themselves in our body, to wreak havoc with our health and wellbeing as they release harmful toxins.

Biomagnetism identifies where these pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) live and reproduce.

By placing pairs of static medium intensity (1,000-15,000 gauss) magnets of opposite polarity in specific areas of the body there is an exchange of ions which results in  pH levels being balanced.

This creates a hostile environment for pathogens and  together with the impact on the body’s electrical system strengthens the immune system, enabling the body to defend itself against infection and creating the ideal environment in the body for recovery of health and well being.

It also helps prevent conditions developing as it allows identification of potential problems before they produce symptoms which cannot be ignored.

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BioMagnetism (BioMagnetic Pair Therapy)

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“Testing of BioMagnetism (BioMagnetic Pair Therapy) at the Hilu Medical Centre in Spain, in May, 2009.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Studies on the effectiveness of BioMagnetism (BioMagnetic Pair Therapy) have been and are currently being conducted in universities, hospitals and clinics around the world.

A “before and after” study of over 200 patients from many different countries treated by Dr. Goiz was supervised by Dr. Raymond Hilu, a medical doctor, at his clinic in Malaga, Spain with assistance from Dr. Santiago de la Rosa MD in May, 2009.  It was performed before Dr. Hilu’s peers of the international medical community and the media.

Doctors were amazed at the results of blood sample analysis following BioMagnetic Pair Therapy by Dr. Goiz and, more importantly, the improvements patients experienced.  Examination of the extremely ill patients ’blood before treatment showed very bad circulation, many pathogens and abnormal performance of natural defenses.

Fifteen minutes after treatment with the magnets they were astounded to see major transformation of the blood.  Neutrophils, which were previously static, now appeared very active, living microorganisms had died, cellular oxidation increased and circulation improved, except for the platelets.

In cases of Liver Cirrhosis, analysis of the blood under microscope after placing magnets on the patients showed hepathic scars, indicating healing at a level and speed  which was unheard of following other treatments.

The analysis of pH of bloods before treatment showed no samples which were alkaline, indicating that an acidic terrain  is indeed the base of illness.   After just one treatment, with magnets left in place for 15 minutes this acidity disappeared.

The best results seen were in patients who had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  All left with a very noticeable improvement.  Some who came with very limited mobility and had great difficulty standing up to get on to the treatment table, left walking!

Following BioMagnetic Pair treatment of Prostate Cancer patients the PSA went down in all cases.  In patients with tumors and cancer, improvements were noted and healing was expected to be progressive.

Dr. Garcia on BioMagnetism 

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and Typhoid Fever – A Pilot Study by Dr. Bryan Frank, MD – Abstract

Objective: This pilot study examined the laboratory responses of patients with laboratory-documented typhoid fever who were treated with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (BPT; medical biomagnetism), a specific application of pairs of magnets for various ailments that are infectious and otherwise.

Materials and Methods: This study was an assessment of patients’ response to treatment with only BPT for Salmonella typhiinfections (typhoid fever) using standard conventional laboratory techniques. The research was conducted in an outpatient village clinic in Kenya. There were 52 participants who were evaluated for possible systemic illness, including typhoid fever, from an open-label study. Participants who felt sick and requested testing for possible typhoid fever were tested with a standard Widal test by a certified laboratory technician. Participants who tested positive (13 patients) were then treated with BPT (a “First Aid” approach) only. These participants then returned for follow-up laboratory and clinical evaluations after 2 days.

Results: Most of the participants (10 of 13) retested as negative, and all patients reported symptomatic clinical improvement.

Conclusions: As a significant majority of participants demonstrated clearing of their S. typhi after BPT, this technique should be studied further in larger trials for its efficacy in treating typhoid fever.

Study Published here:

More details on study here:

No. Magnet therapy uses a low intensity (100-500 gauss) single pole magnet, south pole for pain relief or north pole for inflammation, applied directly in the area of symptoms for longer periods of time; hours or days.

Biomagnetism uses pairs of higher intensity magnets (1,000+ gauss) placed in specific locations for a relatively short time (3.5 to 90 minutes depending on the person’s location in relation to the equator), 20 minutes in Ireland. It promotes healing by altering the pH of specific areas of the body.

pH refers to the level of acidity or alkalinity in an area of the body. It is important to understand, firstly, that the pH varies depending on the organs or tissue in our bodies. Some areas must be acidic for homeostasis (stability), such as the stomach and saliva. Other areas must tend toward alkalinity for homeostasis, such as pancreatic juice and bile. These pH levels may, at times, leave their normal range and become overly acidic, or overly alkaline. Many factors can cause these extreme conditions, including mental and emotional stress, exposure to radiation or pollutants, poor diet and infection by micro-organisms. Micro-organisms alter the pH of their environment to create the ideal conditions for their survival. Bacteria and parasites thrive in alkaline conditions. Viruses and fungi prefer acidic conditions. When extreme conditions arise that take pH out of its neutral range, many micro-organisms will further alter the pH until the body’s response manifests in symptoms that may often be masked but not treated by medication.

“We’re starting from the premise that of all the balances the human body strives to maintain, the most crucial is the one between acid and base (or alkaline).” From the book, The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health, by Dr. Robert O. Young

Furthermore, it is Dr. Goiz’s theory that these thriving communities of pathogens become symptomatic in human organisms when they create relationships with each other. Certain micro-organisms depend on and establish relationships with each other in order to survive. These relationships, he believes, are the root of symptomatic toxicity within the human body.

Viruses create the acidic environment necessary for fungi to grow.  Elimination of the viruses weakens and ultimately destroys the fungi.  Therapy for fungi is incomplete unless their resonating viruses are removed.  The same principal applies to bacteria and parasites which prefer an alkaline environment.  Parasites feed on bacteria, therefore to properly eliminate parasites their food source, their resonating or paired bacteria, must also be dealt with.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other parasitic organisms rely on each other for the production and synthesis of muco-proteins, enzymes and other molecules. By creating a communication network via magnetic fields, these organisms are able to share their genetic information and their byproducts, which ultimately become toxins that damage or alter their host cells and organs. One common cell alteration is the tumor or neoplasia, which Dr. Goiz believes to frequently be reversible if the pH is balanced at the affected site and the pathogens involved are destroyed.

“Health depends on the internal equilibrium of the living organism.”    Claude Bernard – French physiologist, 1813-1878

By applying magnets directly where the micro-organisms are established, the terrain in which they live is altered in terms of its chemical polarity, thereby altering the way these micro-organisms metabolize the ionic compounds needed for their survival.

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role of ph in health condition

Regular pairs:  Identify pathogenic micro-organisms; viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Special pairs:  Identify tissue alterations not caused by pathogenic micro organisms.

Dysfunctional pairs: Identify internal alterations and their hormonal production

Complex pairs:  Identify associations between two or more pairs that manifest in complex diseases.

Reservoirs: organs or tissues which act as hiding places for pathogens.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy has been known to help with the following conditions:

There are various ways in which emotional and psychological dysfunctions are relieved.

When a microorganism, such as a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite, causes a dysfunction in the endocrine system or the central nervous system, which regulate hormones involved in mood, sleep, sweat, hunger, pain reception, and other functions–the glands are not able to process those hormones properly.  Some of these hormones include Acetylcholine, Serotonin, and Epinephrine, which act as an adrenaline regulator, an anti-depressant, and emotion regulator respectively. Once the pathogen has been eliminated and the glands return to their normal function, the hormone processes are restored and emotional or psychological problems are either reduced significantly or disappear.

There are also cases that do not involve pathogens but rather simple electromagnetic distortions within the central nervous system.   Magnets are able to balance these distortions, making the system better able to regulate the endocrine system. In this sense, Biomagnetic Pair therapy works in a similar way to acupuncture, in that the bioelectrical system throughout the body (Chi) is re-routed.

There are also specific pairs relating to emotional or psychological issues, the need for which may be identified during a scan.

The magnets are not able to regenerate dead tissue. In other words, once necrosis of tissue or nerves has set in and there has been substantial damage to that body part, it is not possible for the magnets to regenerate it. Torn tissue may heal faster with magnets, however the initial tear must be cast before applying magnets. In the case of broken bones, again, the fracture must be cast in order for the repair process to begin. For such cases, it is crucial to seek medical treatment first.

BioMagnetic Pair therapy can be used with all other alternative therapies and conventional treatment except radiation and chemotherapy and does not interfere with medication except chemotherapy drugs.

Anyone may have this treatment, except

a) those who have ever had radiation therapy, had chemotherapy in the past year or who plan to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy in the month following BioMagnetic Pair Therapy

b) Pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Special Precautions needed in the following cases:

i) Patients who have had blood transfusions or organ transplants may be treated, however, because of the foreign tissue in their bodies, it is possible that scanning and detecting of dysfunctions may be confused.

Foreign tissue brings into the body genetic information that belongs to someone else, therefore, the therapist may have difficulty communicating with the patient’s original cells.

ii) Care also needs to be taken to avoid placing magnets near pacemakers, insulin pumps and ports.

iii) Hearing aids need to be removed during the therapy.

Note:  Prostheses do not interfere with treatments as they are generally made of surgical steel or titanium and are not magnetic.

Yes. This therapy is very effective against illness and other problems in childhood and may prevent future adult illnesses when pathogens are eliminated early on.

Every case is different. Sometimes, only one session is necessary, in others three to five. However, with chronic conditions or cases that are complex, with  many pathogens causing multiple disturbances throughout the body more may be needed.

Energetic testing at the end of a session can give an indication of when the client would benefit from another treatment, generally it is a minimum of 7 days later.

For prevention Therapists’ opinions vary. Some believe a scan yearly or more frequently is a good idea for optimal health. Other therapists recommend only having the treatment when there are noticeable signs of a problem. It is up to the individual client.

There are generally no side effects. The person will often begin to feel improvements within 48 hours of their first session. However, in rare cases, there may be what Dr. Goiz terms “curative crisis” in which the body begins to detoxify and expel the foreign organisms and their toxins. During this time, patients may experience a variety of symptoms, such as increased fatigue,  headache, nausea or diarrhoea. This rarely occurs and many clients feel great improvement afterwards. Rest and adequate hydration after treatments is recommended.

Sessions usually last 60-90 minutes, but may take longer, depending on the number of pairs identified which need to be balanced. The session time includes a consultation and the actual therapy. The initial session also may be longer. Please be sure to make adequate time in your schedule so you can relax and get the greatest benefit possible from it.

·  The initial session begins with a review of your health history  and life style.

· At follow-up appointments we will review any changes to your health since your last visit.

·  During the therapy session you will lie comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table.
(Only your mobile phone and watch need to be removed.)

· It is advised to wear clothes which are comfortable but not too loose; long legged pants, long sleeve top and socks.

·  You will be given open toed shoes with a flat heel to wear to enable easy identification of  foot movements when held by the therapist during the  kinesiology scan.

· This will enable the therapist to identify imbalanced areas of the body which indicate the presence of harmful pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi), dysfunctions or other issues which can be treated by placing and taping pairs of magnets in specific locations on the body to restore balance.

·  When all the magnets are positioned they are left in place for 20 minutes.

During this time you may relax or even sleep.

Claire can also test energetically to help you identify any nutritional or herbal supplements, changes in food or other lifestyle or therapy choices and self help ideas which would support you on your journey to health.

The need and timing for follow up appointments, if necessary, will be determined and suggested at the end of the therapy session.

isaac goiz duranDr. Goiz discovered the first biomagnetic pair in 1988. He attended a session discussing bioenergy held at the medical school of the University of Guadalajara in Mexico, taught by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer.

Dr. Broeringmeyer noticed that when astronauts returned from missions in outer space, one leg was shorter than the other, where prior to such missions their legs were of equal length.

Dr. Broeringmeyer considered what could be causing this phenomenon, and one theory that he postulated was that while in orbit, astronauts were away from the magnetic influence of earth.  This theory was vindicated when he discovered that the astronauts’ legs returned to normal after the application of magnets to their bodies.

During the seminar, Dr. Broeringmeyer taught that organs and tissues in the body can become magnetically polarized, and described his technique to locate magnetic polarizations using applied kinesiology. Applied kinesiology is an alternative medicine method of diagnosis and treatment based on muscle strength testing.

isaac goiz duran photoIts premise is that muscles have specific relationships with organs and glands and therefore weakness in a specific muscle is an indicator of a problem in the associated organ or gland.  Therefore, proponents of applied kinesiology contend that healing that muscle weakness will also heal the problem in the associated organ or gland.  Dr. Broeringmeyer found polarizations in the body by looking for changes in muscle strength.  He then applied a magnet to the polarized area, to cause depolarization.

Intrigued by all he learned at Dr. Broeringmeyer’s seminar, Dr. Goiz returned to his Mexico City clinic, and within a week an AIDS patient sought treatment from him. At that time, AIDS was a new disease and not much was known about its diagnosis or treatment.

Dr. Goiz scanned the patient using a magnet. When the magnet was passed over the thymus area, one side of the body shortened, in a manner similar to what Dr. Broeringmeyer had seen in the astronauts. Excited by this development, Dr. Goiz gave further thought to Dr. Broeringmeyer’s theory and hypothesized that AIDS may be caused by a pair of magnetic poles or pair of polarized body areas.

Therefore, if the thymus represented one pole, there must be another in the body.  If he was able to locate the other pole and then place magnets on both poles, would the shortness be treated, and therefore the associated AIDS?  Dr. Goiz proceeded to pass magnets all over the patient’s body, and eventually discovered the second pole at the end of the coccyx.  According to a seminar held by Dr. Goiz in the spring of 2000, when the patient returned to the clinic for a checkup, he had no AIDS symptoms, and continued to be free of AIDS thereafter.

And so Dr. Goiz discovered the first biomagnetic pair consisting of the thymus and rectum.  Since then, Dr. Goiz has identified over 350 biomagnetic pairs, has successfully treated over 350,000 patients using biomagnetism and has trained more than 20,000 medical doctors and other healthcare professionals in using this technique.

We know by now that our bodies contain magnetite. Magnetite crystallises in a tetrahedron form and gets polarized when it oxidises or gets reduced and this generates potential differences that produce a magnetic field through which electric current flows. It is believed that there are balanced magnetic fields within the human body and it is understood now that energy current exists in our body.

When there is illness, the magnetic grid breaks and causes an imbalance in those magnetic fields. This obviously causes a change in the electrolyte compound that generates a variation in the direction of the magnetic field, producing a positive or negative polarization in the organ or organs where this biological anomaly occurs and therefore a change of the pH. Illness occurs when magnetite get disoriented and it is now understood that when we apply magnets on the body, the magnetite is returned to its original state, so it can achieve again its magnetic order, ferromagnetism.

When we expose the magnetic material, as we do with any other ferrous-ferric particle, to a magnetic field, the crystals domain align, creating a mono domain. When the field is eliminated, the domain remains in its natural state and thus the energy in our organism gets balanced. The ferrous-ferric grid recovers its polarity and balance and health is restore. Microorganisms in the body are eliminated when we generate a magnetic field in an aqueous medium which causes them to die.

Energy flows in our organism in the form of water. The water that exists in the interior of our body is not simple water but crystalized liquid, formed of high energetic molecules, which arrange this water so it can be the conduit for electromagnetic energy.

The molecules are arranged, transmitting wavelengths which have the capability of memory storage. This explains how the brain emits electromagnetic impulses, which are being transported through this marvelous energy conductor in order to complete the instructions emitted. This water, crystal liquid (H2O)37, helps establish the equilibrium that it attained when applying magnets on the body, causing a resonance with the rest of the organism and rearranging the ferrous-ferric grid where needed.

Biomagnetism is a reality and it is supported now by the scientific discoveries of Dr Esther del Rio Serrano, who has established microscopically the link between science and Biomagnetism. She has confirmed scientifically the efficiency of this new and wonderful medicine.

This therapy is based on the understanding that illness is a product of alterations produced in the pH of the organism. These alterations allow pathogens to become established in the body causing dysfunctions. When the acidity or alkalinity in these specific points are balanced, it is possible to eradicate pathogens which cause dysfunctions, equilibrium is re-established in the body and health is recovered.