BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology

BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology is a ground-breaking technique which Claire is thrilled to be making available in Ireland.  It is a simple and effective way to help restore emotional and psychological balance and even physical well being.

Using a combination of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and targeted psychotherapeutic coaching, BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology lights up neurons in the brain which, due to inactivity, have been negatively affecting subconscious perceptions and placing limitations on happiness, health and achievement of full potential.

The therapy results in a positive change in patterns of thought, feeling, behaviour and capacity to learn which can bring enormous benefit to the person who experiences it and those with whom he/she interacts in daily life.

“If you change the way you look at things

The things you look at change.” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

How is BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology Therapy provided?

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Frequently Asked Questions


The session is comprised of 5 sections.

1. Uploading of codes:

  • You will be given 32 cards with text and images which represent different scenarios to your conscious mind.
  • Each card also contains subliminal codes which are processed by the unconscious mind.

22. Exposition:

  • You are given a max of 5 minutes (it’s timed!) to speak about situations, relationships, concerns and issues which cause you unhappiness or frustration.
  • You may also explain what you hope to achieve from undergoing this therapy.

3. Scanning of subconscious interpretation:

  • While you lie on the treatment couch, you view another set of cards with just symbols which represent the subliminal information and may appear meaningless but has already registered in your subconscious.
  • The left hemisphere of the brain deals with logic and controls the right side of the body.
  • When this is stressed it causes a contraction on the right side of the body.
  • I hold your feet while you view the cards to identify the ones which cause a shortening.

4. Magnetic induction stimulation:

  • You will be given a cap to put on your head, onto which images of the points in the brain are projected and the relevant ones are marked.
  • The points that require stimulation will have the magnetic inductor placed on them for ten seconds. (It does not hurt!)
  • This causes hyperplasticity in the brain, which is an elevated capacity for growth, development and learning, for half an hour.

5. Correction of errors of perception:

Targeted PsychoTherapeutic Coaching
  • Within this half hour of heightened ability to see situations and concepts differently the scenarios that were shown to involve errors in perception are explained and an alternative view is presented which better fits the new perception enabled by the awakening of new neural pathways in the brain.
  • Follow Up:  You are given a copy of the explanations of corrected errors of perception which are relevant for you together with the symbols which represent them.
  • It is  recommended that you view these regularly as research has shown that they are very powerful at reinforcing and reminding you of the new way of responding to situations which can have a very positive impact on the happiness and wellbeing of you and those around you.
What is Hyperplasticity? Can we really change our ways?

Reading glasses, if you usually need them and socks if you’re not wearing any.

Almost everyone from adolescence through adulthood can benefit from it.

In the case of children it is recommended instead that parents/guardians undergo the therapy and this may also be advisable when adolescents or young adults who have the therapy are in their care.

However, there are a few circumstances where this therapy cannot be provided –  if a person has:

* Had head surgery within the past 3 months

* Had concussion recently and, as a result, has bruising and/or haemorrhaging


BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology has helped people with the following:






Obsessive compulsive disorder

Panic attacks



Allergies, auto-immune diseases, chronic illness

And many other conditions, complexes and disorders

There are generally no side effects.

However, in rare cases, there may be what is termed a “healing crisis” where the body begins rebalancing itself. During this time, clients may experience a variety of symptoms such as increased fatigue, headache, nausea or diarrhoea.

This rarely occurs and many clients feel great afterwards. Rest and adequate hydration after treatments is recommended.

This varies from person to person. Some feel the change immediately after the first treatment.

For others the improvement is noted with surprise at a later time when they find themselves responding differently to a situation which would previously have caused them difficulty.

The benefit is often cumulative, meaning that the more often the new, more positive response is practiced the more noticeable is the benefit of the newly ignited neural pathways become, just like a pathway through grass which is walked on more often.

You are still free to choose how you respond in every situation, (just as you choose which path to take), but the object of the therapy is that you will become more conscious of the “better” choice for you and find it easier to make it, where previously you may have known on a conscious level how it would be healthier to respond but felt unable to do so and found yourself continuously repeating reactions and negative patterns of behavior which caused you a lot of stress and unhappiness.

See explanation of Hyperplasticity and how we really can change our ways under FAQ “What can I expect in a BioMagnetic NeuroPsychology Session?”

Some may need one, two or more additional sessions and occasional follow ups as required.